Writing for business

Having worked in journalism and PR for most of my life, I am able to write for editorial or advertising pieces. The written word contributes an enormous amount of influence on people’s understanding of a product or service, and even though you’ll hear that a picture paints a thousand words, writing and images work best when they are combined.

Writing for the web and for press and commercial advertising are all very different beasts. I’ve taken a real interest in the nuances of each style, and I’ve contemplated their differences. I think that’s been really important in my line of work, where you can be writing for an ad, a marketing campaign, a press release or web pages on any given day.

But it gives me variety, and I use it with my photography and video to create content that weaves together to be more illustrative and rich.

Like other forms of content, writing often works best when part of a campaign or series, so get in touch if you’d like to know how to plan out a collaborative campaign and what results you can expect.