What is content marketing?

Think of content as food for your customers.

Just as humans need to eat to sustain their bodies, they consume content to satisfy their minds. The brain constantly demands new stimuli, and ifyou put your conetn t in from=nt of your customers’ eyes, then they will consume.

Like food, if it’s bland, poor quality, and doesn’t satisfy, they’ll move on and find some that is.

Thisn about watchinga. film. If it’s a good one, you’ll cone way enriched, entertained and happy. ou’ll think abut, possibly event ruminate on it,a nd look for further discourse.

That’s the brain consuming and digesting content. Now, if you’re a business owner, you need to nurture that desire for tasty content into sales for your business.

And that’s what we’re here to help you with.

We’re a small group of content producers, led my Marc Hindley, who worked with words, pictures and video for most of his life. We create great content for your brand, and that can come in all shapes and sizes.

If you’ve got this far, our content is working for you. Now let’s take it up a notch and deliver some to your customers. Think of us as the chef and ingredients for your content kitchen.

We made the Content Builder Menu for small business owners like you.

It’s an a la carte choice of things you put onto your customers plate. We give you the basics, then you can as ass much as you can budget for. But here’s the thing. You can ask the kitchen, that’s us, for advice on what’s best for your business body.

Strategy for starters

There are some things you just have to have. We’ll review your business, website and social mdia and come up with a recipe that work for you. One tht keep your cusomers coming back for more.

A strategy isn’t as complicated as it sounds. We’re really just looking at what would work best for your your type of business and your potential customers.

First course

Our first course of action is to identify anything that might be turning people away. Slow website, poor conversion model, low engagement. With the best will in the world, even e can’t make customers spend money with you if there’s barriers, so we look to remove them and create a customer journey with the least amount of friction.


Then we’ll get work on the nitty gritty. Bring you more enquiries, leads and sales. Our work will generate more traffic to your website and more conversions. We’ll pick and mic from improving your website copy, enhancing your ecommerce process, getting yo higher in search engines, increasing your mailing list subscriptions and writing your broadcast emails. We’ll also improve your imagery through photographs and video where necessary, and all for a reasonable price.


We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk, and we’ll measure the work we do for you, using website analytics, social insights and of course feedback from you.

Is it a retainer?

We get asked this a lot. Retainers have a bad name because they’re associated with paying money to keep a company on whether they do anything o not. We’re not a typical PR company. We work for every penny you pay us. And if there’s ever a time when you don’t need our help, our work is done.