Facebook capitalises on clarity, or does it?

If there’s one thing Facebook does well, it’s muddying the waters. It distributes an app which it claims helps people connect with the things they care about when really it listens in to your life to extract data to sell to advertisers. It encourages you to share your photos while extracting irrevocable rights to use … Read more

Scraping the bottom of the social barrel?

A wise person once said to me that it’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it. And I am regularly reminded of this pearl of wisdom by the foolish notion that a business should post ‘content’ frequently on their social networks to be considered ‘alive’, … Read more

Lush – We don’t need the newsfeed to be social

Pink Bath Bomb In Water

When high street cosmetics chain Lush announced it was switching up social, the press was quick to translate that as ‘switching OFF social’. The BBC said Lush quits social media in UK. The Independent – Lush to close its social media accounts And even industry mouthpieces said the same thing. The Drum was straight in … Read more

JD Wetherspoon – ‘social media no more’

Ditching your social media could be the next trending topic for businesses as they struggle to see a return on investment JD Wetherspoon yesterday deleted its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, citing them as a distraction to the business and blaming social media for widespread unethical behaviour and addiction. The 900-strong pub chain’s chairman Tim … Read more

Instagram – that’s another story!

So you’ve probably heard by now that Instagram has a new feature. It’s called Stories. And it’s a bit like Snapchat Stories, a self-destructing sequence of stills and video with text overlays. You can publish them to your timeline, or they’ll automatically delete after 24 hours. Wait a minute! That’s a LOT like Snapchat. In fact … Read more

One strategy to rule them all… and it’s not social

Last month, I wrote about the blindness of implementing a social media strategy without considering the wider impact of an overall business, or at least a marketing, strategy. (Link: Social media ‘strategy’ is being over-hyped) I quoted highly-respected blogger Jay Baer in the article because he directly addressed the ‘self-styled gurus’ who are using the s-word to … Read more