Traditional and digital PR

Getting PR for your business is an important advantage you shouldn’t overlook. It’s widely accepted that it can provide you or your business with credibility that advertising can’t.

Getting into the media is seen as genuine and authentic, and it’s not as hard as you might think.

It’s not reserved for the biggest companies or the deepest pockets, it’s about the story you have to tell.

Traditional PR

When you think of PR, you might think of an article in a paper, or a feature on TV or radio. news, but depending on the size and reach of your company, there are hundreds of opportunities out there, and it’s my task to find these off-beat opportunities to make your business stand out, get seen and ultimately earn more respect and custom.

And it’s not just about press releases in newspapers. While print is often seen to be reducing in circulation, online publications can be the secret weapon.

Digital-first PR

While an appearance in print may only have a limited lifespan, digital is different. A link in a reputable publication not only provides you with a valuable source of traffic to your website, it also lasts forever.

And in Digital PR, that link is gold. Because links not only build credibility for your website as a whole, they drive real, interested traffic to your products and services.

And it’s this kind of PR that I like to foster and build upon.

That’s why many campaigns are geared around digital publications, and outlets such as search engines, influencers, and harnessing the power of copywriting on your own website and marketing communications such as email.

Getting in the press

For many small businesses the concept of getting into the press is difficult, and I understand that. I’ve worked in local newspapers, freelanced for national newspapers and magazines, and I know what it take to get into their pages.

As a basic, you need have a story worth sharing. That might sound obvious, but it’s the biggest hurdle for many small business owners to identify what the actual story is. If you’re a small charity of good cause, sometimes, the most cost-effective route to publicity is a phone call to your local paper. They’ll ask all the right questions and do all the PR work for you, it’s a no-brainer, but if you’re a business, you’ll definitely stand more of a chance of getting your story spread far and wide if you come through a PR practitioner.

Beyond local press

With links to press outlets all over the uk, I get access to hundreds of publicity opportunities every day. Each week, I get around 250 notifications from journalists looking for all sorts of articles, national newspapers such as the Times and the Guardian, top-selling magazines such as Hello and OK, TV stations and specialist publications and websites. Just responding to one of those could give your business valuable PR exposure.

Topics such as health, energy, exercise, business, finance, are all very popular, and journalists are actively looking for stories from people like you, sometimes for a one-line quote, other times for a full-on feature, and by working with us, you’ll have priority access to these opportunities, and our guidance on how to get the best value from them.

PR agency service

With more than 30 years experience in the media business, Marc Hindley Content and Media launched officially in 2022. However, I have picked up a huge amount of contacts and experience. I’m looking for businesses to share this with and grow.

I offer support for ad hoc projects, retainers for ongoing and campaign building, as well as free media tips and advice from our newsletter.

In-house media production suite

I can provide your business with written copy, photography, audio and video, all from one production suite. That means we can deliver the right content more quickly and without waiting for different service providers to be available.

I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. That doesn’t make me a better PR than the next person, but it does mean I am governed by a body which oversees the industry. I care deeply about representing you in the best and correct manner.

Get in touch

Whatever you need from a PR, content and media service, I can help, and probably better to get in touch sooner rather than later. Call is on 01309 255055 or email