Professional photography for your business, organisation or event

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With more than 40 years of experience in press and commercial photography, you can be sure of relevant, stunning, long-lasting images.

Services include headshots, business portraits, press photography, property, PR and aerial.

The power of pictures

It’s an old and cliched saying that a picture paints a thousand words, but images certainly do have a powerful hold on our cognitive senses.

Pictures attract attention and in the grand scheme of things they either work on their own to convey meaning or emotion or provide an incentive to read on. Many studies show that people’s eyes are drawn to pictures more than text, but however many words a picture says, sometimes you do need some text as well.

I can provide photographs for your business marketing campaign, charity fundraiser, press article, website, whatever you need. Have a look at some of the images in my portfolio.

Please note I am a working photographer deriving income from taking pictures. Theft of my images and breach of copyright is taken seriously. I would not say this if it was not a problem, but unfortunately, it is an increasing one.

Event photography

For events large and small, I can provide complete coverage, including pictures for pre-event publicity, advertising, social media, website and press. For large events, I’ll use additional photographers to ensure all events are covered. They’ll work to my brief and I will do the final edit before submission for consistency. I can cover an event for the event organiser or for the press.

Previous coverage includes large events such as Findhorn Bay Festival, Black Isle Show, Piping at Forres, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scottish Air Show, Belladrum Festival, etc

Press photography

Pictures for press and PR have an important role to tell your story. I can provide pictures for newspapers and magazines locally and nationally, either directly to the media or through PR agencies.

Commercial and property photography

If you want your products or advertising imaging to be top-notch, then you should consider getting professional pictures done as they can make a huge difference to the way people perceive your business.

Aerial photography

Since 2017, I have been a professionally-trained and qualified drone pilot. Getting a new perspective on your outside shots is a key way to have an advantage over your competitors. I have CAA certification and £2m public liability insurance.


I shoot landscapes mostly for my own personal satisfaction, however, in 2021, I had the pleasure of producing a set of 12 pictures for a Forres 2022 calendar for my home town of Forres. They were made available online through local town portal Visit Forres and Forres Local. These were completely sold out a new calendar is being planned for 2023.

What you get

If you hire me for photography, I’ll obviously turn up and take your pictures, and I’ll also discuss how these can be formatted and distributed. For example, you might want lo-res images for websites and high-res images for posters or press. I’ll work closely with you or independently so you can get on with whatever it is you are doing. I can also do a mix of action and press styles so you have a good variety of pictures to use across your websites, social media and to send to the press. You can even use them for posters advert for publicity on your next event

My customers often come back to me year after year. I have been working with the Black Isle Show for example since 2017.

Video production

While I built my reputation on stills photography, I have also been producing videos for businesses, organisations and events for many years. Particularly for events photography and commercial photography, it makes sense to make the best use of time and organise both. This does come at an additional cost, but there are many cases where a set of stills and a professionally produced video not only work well together but exponentially so. See the video page for more details.

Copyright and licensing

How you use your pictures is open for negotiation. Typically, all work will include licensing for press, website and social media. I may charge an additional fee if you want to send them out for other uses, such as merchandise, external websites, etc, but this will be made clear at the time. You will always have clear guidelines regarding copyright.

Note: All pictures are copyrighted without exception. No unauthorised use is allowed. On occasion, I license pictures for royalty-free use, where the user has sought permission, which is a simple check with me. I do not tolerate my pictures being copied and pasted from the internet for use by others, and will take legal action where necessary.