Content builder programme

Content is the single biggest thing that attracts buyers to your website and motivates them to buy.

It’s absolutely essential for most businesses to keep producing content in one form or another to maintain consistent enquiries, leads and sales. And repeat sales.

I know that most businesses are too busy steering their ship to dedicate enough quality time to creating content. And it’s not just creating it. You have to measure it, evaluate it, redesign it, evolve it. And on it goes. If it was something you could set and forget, it would be easy.

The more content you create, the more customers will find you.

I’m here to help

Whatever your business is, content is mine.

It’s my job to come up with the right words, imagery and actions that bring in more customers for you. Think about some of the things you’ve bought recently, did you look them up online, read about them, watch a video, read a review, or even browse through adverts. All these things are made up with content.

Writing, photography, making videos are the staples of content, but then there are a whole host of other things that have come along in the digital revolution. Social media, email marketing, funnels, analytics, search engines, adverts.

Start building your content today

Join my content builder programme, and I’ll personally oversee your programme to add build content for your sales process every month.

I’ll also build you a content marketing plan from the outset so you know what to expect, what I’ll be creating for you, and how frequently.

This where your budget comes in, because everything will be based around what you can afford, and what results you can expect. I want to produce results for you, and that means increase enquiries, leads and sales, through increased traffic, responses and conversions.

There is no on size fits all

I thought long and hard about creating a single price-point fo this, but the truth is, everyone’s needs are different. Every business has different requirements, different revenue streams and different expectations.


I created the content builder programme to help business generate an upward curve of enquiries, leads and sales.

And experts in each one of those disciplines will tell you their service is most important. The social media expert will tell you that you have to be omipresent on all networks, the emil marketwr will say “the money’s in the list” the SEO, will proclaim “no-one can find you”, etc.

And they all maybe right to a degree, but of course it makes sense to evaluate. everthing and approach it strategically. There’s absolutely no point in spending time and money on search engine optimisation if your site isn’t built for converting. It’s no good trying to convert traffic if you’re not getting enough page views.

How I work with you

The content strategy retainer is a simple process that operates like a

What does your content strategy look like?

While some of the techniques can get pretty complicated, your overall strategy should be simple and straightforward.

I’m here to help