Watch out, the number numpties are about

Since Facebook passed a billion monthly active users, the actual number has become somewhat forgettable. Or perhaps it’s since the world’s biggest social network became bigger than the biggest country in the world, that there’s not much left to compare it with. So now we know it’s bigger than a big thing, the number numpties … Read more

I don’t work for Facebook

Facebook have given us some magnificent advertising tools that just didn’t exist when I worked in newspapers. In fact they still don’t. Place an ad in a newspaper and you’ll never be able to count who saw it, who reacted to it and who commented on it. But that doesn’t mean that print ads don’t … Read more

Play your cards right with ‘online strategy’

Every now and then someone comes up with an idea that you wish you’d have thought of yourself. And the latest contender for me is ‘Online Strategy Cards’ – a deck of 54 cards packed with content ideas categorised into… well, categories. It’s the brainchild of local entrepreneur Sarah Frame O’Hare. I’ve met Sarah before … Read more

Instagram – that’s another story!

So you’ve probably heard by now that Instagram has a new feature. It’s called Stories. And it’s a bit like Snapchat Stories, a self-destructing sequence of stills and video with text overlays. You can publish them to your timeline, or they’ll automatically delete after 24 hours. Wait a minute! That’s a LOT like Snapchat. In fact … Read more

The Independent – Wapping all over again?

Last week The Independent and Independent on Sunday announced it will no longer be printed as a newspaper from the end of next month (March 2016). No longer will their faithful readers leave their homes, get in their cars, jog or cycle to the newsagents with a handful of coins to buy The Independent. Instead, they will read their … Read more

One strategy to rule them all… and it’s not social

Last month, I wrote about the blindness of implementing a social media strategy without considering the wider impact of an overall business, or at least a marketing, strategy. (Link: Social media ‘strategy’ is being over-hyped) I quoted highly-respected blogger Jay Baer in the article because he directly addressed the ‘self-styled gurus’ who are using the s-word to … Read more

Social media ‘strategy’ overhyped

The never-ending lust for buzzwords means that this year social media has been dominated by the craze for having a strategy. In business, it’s important to have a strategy, and social media should be part of it, but you can’t just buy a strategy off the shelf. By its very nature, it needs to be as individual … Read more

Why I am back in advertising after 20 years

When I left the world of advertising in the nineties to embark on a career in journalism, I never thought I would return to it. But here I am, more than 20 years has passed and I am back in the world of Mad Men. I loved advertising, but I yearned to work over the … Read more